“Ultimately” This – simple, simply wonderful (now). 💕
Without me, no you, no I. Without this apparent attachment to yourself, the living thing is already completely as it is: completely light and weightless... unconditional, powerless, timeless, supportless, limitless, motionless, directionless, endless... this is, simply stunning.
This is simply totally dissolved in itself, empty... free!!
So no fear required of a possible dissolution. Anyway, it's (just) the 'great' invention of ??? ... ME don't know !!!
THIS is rather the salvation from the "apparent evil" - the illusory world of the I, Me or 'my' personal world of knowledge or the dream factory of 'my distractions' from it.

"Adios...gone, gone with the wind."
Natural Reality" ... very simple, sooooo simple, that NOTHING remains ... and: ... THIS is surprisingly already everything at the same time - now.
"Complete and finished."
T h e E n d . 😉

Hans Steinke

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