🔵 L e b e n d i g k e i t … es gibt keinen Ausweg ! 😁
Es gibt nichts anderes als Dies. Der Rest „ist gedankliche Träumerei“ (mind-games) – bedeutungslose Spielerei für und von Niemanden – just „a child like wondering“.
Living is simply not made - no matter how much I believes/thinks about it. This is the illusion and personal exchange of “my” life.
There is nothing wrong with that and nothing that should be different - it is simply a fantasy mind game - a story and has its natural place as an imaginary, unreal, formless phenomenon.
Aliveness is absolutely free - living is freedom.
This is everything here - everything, as a gigantic wondrous energetic play of life as this infinite universe of total unknown. No beginning - no end - no in-between.
No searching or finding.
🔴 Simply wonderful: reasonless, aimless, unconditional, powerless, relation(ship)less... simple and totally resolved, peaceful - completely whole without a second, copy or repetition.
Hans Steinke. 👍😎🔛

Hans Steinke

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