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Hans Steinke

More never was. More is'nt coming. More does'nt exist.



There is no Answer.
Who, how or what is written or communicated here has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with 'me' as a person, someone who happend or did something, lived a separate life or has experienced this.
It's just a story - from no one and for no one.
This here you could say, is really quite simply and naturally:  just writing, reading, thinking, senceing, seeing, hearing, breathing and pulsating aparently happening. You could also call it energetic 'absorption' or natural response of life. It is simply playing playing . .. butwithoutme, you or us.
Playing is like breathing or simply blinking the eye. Playing does'nt need Me's. It does'nt need someone to do it, to make it on tor of it or something to decide how to play it. Playing is another word for freedom - of course for and from nobody).
I AM is simply seen here as the (global) story of human beings, misstakendly (by apparently someone or a person, or me) dreamd as reality. This is nothing a (personal) imagination, filter and so it is also the person in them who seems to expetiencing it..
This is not wrong or has to change - it is just illusory. Unreal. Not real. Sorry ... never !!!
"The personell world" is just simple irreal. No-Thing. Nothing - and thats at the same time ALL ... all we are comunicating here about. That is all. A "message" with no message.

All (life) has nothing to loose, but the personal world seemingly (apparentlly) All.

This is perhaps the subtle, but at the same time almost monstrous, difference here.
The totally practical paradox that is at stake here is untied ... and that is only seemingly contradictory. Life as a whole is just beyond comprehension. It is not to know, not to be recognized.
YOU have nothing in hand. There is really no separation, something that has to be kept together over and over again. You don't exist at all. YOU, I, is the illusion, the dream.
Puffffff … !!!
Life itself, whatever it seems, is actually just as incredibly whole and perfect always just illusory. 100%.

There was never more. More never comes. More does'nt exist at all. MORE is a personel bluff. Unreal. Insubstantial ... and LESS of course, too!!! It's like living and dying at the same time ... and ... oops: and there is "The little nothing being everything ”. (Andreas Müller).

That is all ... and: The 'origin‘ of this story is love.
“That's just one word for a another possible story, but it's just a story that's worth being communicated here."
A story that should actually be real.  cool

"Nothing knowning can't be known, because there is nothing to know."
The juice lies in Not Knowing !!

Hans Steinke

Biography from 2014 ongoing

(... and here you find 'his whole story' ... )



Meeting TONY PARSONS and 'non-duality' in Copenhagen.
Here the book of 'my personal story' simply just slowly shriveled away.


Start NO-talks."Energetical resonance - responce without (pre) knowledge."
Moving to Leipzig (germany).


"About this 'little' nothing what is everything." (non duality talks)  


1. 'Year' break
“Some kind of 'process' where the apparent 'reality of me' ...


2. 'Year' break
almost unnoticed simply 'faded away' (... and still 'me' keeps on trying to avoid it)."


3. 'Year' break
"Man at Work" with Stefan Wollf - 16 man processing 'living masculinity' in the swizz alps natur.


F U L L   O F   E M P T I N E S S   (not two - non-duality)
‚Meeting TIM CLISS … and the ‚wooow-effect‘. cool
The juice of life lies in Not Knowing.
NO-TALKS  - Touch - Walks

More does'nt come. More does'nt exist. MORE is deception.
"Seen in this way, this video-clip is timeless and still to the point."
Hans Steinke
Energetic 'absorption'. (Part 1. - Halberstadt 30. 9. 2016)
* ME - The illumination of an apparently personal predicament.
* The natural reality is absolutely unspectacular.