Nonduality meetings.



Life is already without you absolutly free and alive.
JIM NEWMAN – YouTube: 04/2016

"A unconditional ful-on-love-adventure"!
(Hans Steinke  15.8.2021) wink

Life just regulates itself completely by itself. From nobody for nobody. Naturally, simpel, surprisingly ordinary and totally unconditional (and in this case: humanly). It is the lively, tingly and unknowable phenomenon of: Not Knowing..“

In the filter of: 'this is "MY" life and this is happening to "ME", life suddenly appears as something controllable. Natural wildness, joy, easyness and aliveness becomes right down to the physical cells: a limited, frightened and separate (apparent) real danger.
Suddenly the so called "everyday life" becomes a permanent struggle about ME living and dying - about death.
'ME and MY' personal survival is born - and final end.

That's the story - the dream.
The global dilemma of men-kind as a personal identification (Trauma) ... now in the infinite endless search for a very special kind of something: I am living in My separat personal world.
This is the dream (the self-image) we are talking about here. It is a fiction. This - MY life is just illusory. Real and unreal simultaneously.

NATURAL REALITY. The pure simplicity of life.
THIS is just as it is: alive, original , energetically vibrant, 'in wooow', free, uncertain and insecure - not to grasb and without a real answer (or a question) about itself- existed or not. Nothing being already completely (at peace) everything. All. It is pure simplicity.

"The juice of life 'lies' in Not Knowing."

Hans Steinke. cool


with Hans Steinke.
Nothing being already beautifully everything.

song: Villagers – "nothing arrived" | live & acoustic


“Natural reality is 100% exactly as it already is here: real, alive, uncomplicated, unpredictable, undivided, natural and utterly ordinary. Just free."
"The Nature of nature is natural."
There's really no news here !!!!!


Interestingly enough, a fresh openness appears here. A fine, almost electrifying lightness.
“Love is in the Air”. It tingles... for nobody. In fact, no one is at work here – present! The surprise is: Nothing is missing.
No repetition. No copy. Nothing second. No-thing else. No Two. – real.
What apparently "remains" is already This - being already every-thing.
This is really nothing special here, but absolutely beautiful, round, 'perfect', full and completly empty. This seems to be really unique and absolutly crazy here - freedom.  cool


There's just nobody here – Rather Inside nor Outside. No person, no-one - no identity.
Life plays just aliveness.
It is the complete end of ME and MINE - without a new beginning ... and Hans: 'Hans is already just absolutly playful' ... and you?

Natural Reality (nonduality) – not two is the 'game' here ... and the price is YOU - the dreambus of I AM REAL. Really!!

NO-talks meetings with Hans Steinke.
„for crazy people only“

NO-talks LIVE.

Hans regularly invites you to this NO.talks at his own homebase, to your private home invitations, public-seminar centers or holiday reteat locations uproad ... and since 'covid 19' also by zoom-online meetings.
Questions, reports and communications about the Natural Reality 'message' are very welcome.

One on One.

NO.talks Individual meetings take place via phone, different online-videochat platforms or directly at his home base (as well as on the go).
Touch: Energeticle rebalancing on the body.
Walks: ‚medicine walks' and day hikes in natur.


The NO.talks can be like jumping into cold water. That might not sound very funny here at first ... but surprisingly it is !!
Suddenly everything seems to be just fresh and perfectly ordinary"  - but for nobody of course.

Pictures without filter.

Personal perception of self-awareness is the delusion to take pictures for reality.
The surprise here is: "only the illusion 'dies' - never the smile."