"An unconditional love-full-on adventure!" wink

Life regulates itself quite simply. Absolutely. Natural, unspectacular and surprisingly ordinary -
totally unconditional. It is the living, tingling and incomprehensible phenomenon of:Not Knowing.Unknowablelity.

Ib this filter of:"This is MY life and this is happening to ME everyday life suddenly appears
Natural wildeness, lively unpredictability and pure life force will seemingly be shaken up
to the physical cells and bones .. limited, frightened, separated ... and turned around AS REAL DANGER.
Suddenly everyday life it's all about life and death.
"ME" - or 'my personal' survivalis born,

That's the story.

This is the global personal dilemma (traumata) of men-kind in the infinite endlesssearch for the very special:
reality-person:'I or Me''... The Self-Image pop's up.This is not wrong - it is simple illusory.
Unreal - the image.
Natural Reality - life as whole (THIS) is simple just as it is: lively, real, exciting, wild,
free, uncertain, not to understand, not to grasp - it is simple unknowable. There is no real answer to life -
only freedom.
"Real juice lies in not-knowing."

Life is Full Of Emptiness. cool

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