Herzlich willkommen …
Life itself is the surprise here... and permanent.

the apparent person wird niemals die Möglichkeit aufgeben, etwas Spezielles, die besondere Person zu sein. Sie besteht einfach aus der Illusion, diesem Traum, real zu sein. Das Leben als Ganzes allerdings, wird Dir immer wieder alle Träume nehmen (siehe Corona-Virus).
ALL falls back again and again NICHTS … und NICHTS bleibt wieder und wieder ALLES – gleichzeitig. Ganz einfach … 😊
All - life AND nothing is one and the same. Inseparable. Never two. life is whole This is refreshingly inexplicable and alive... and in a seemingly miraculous way totally fixed and finished just the way it is. one and together Finished …
The surprise here is just very simple to notice: The Natur of natur is natural. Freedom - but for nobody.
That is perhaps the radical, uniqueness about “this message”.
Perfect and complete from the start.
Natural Reality could also be called love, stillness, vastness or emptiness. But here now for nobody - without an apparent, additional something, a me or someone, who could still have it - or even believing able to wanting it. HERE IS NO-ONE IN THIS BODY.

The NO-Talks here and all the new/old "newyear" greetings for 2021 / ...22...23 and endless apperant following years, have a simple and same message:
Life itself is the perfect Lover.

"From Hans with strength, love and health" continue to welcome ... in the current new decade..“  cool

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