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In this natural reality meetings are really not about anything special.
What is illuminated here has no goal, no purpose, no task and makes no sense - not even illuminating it here. There is nothing to achieve or to do here. No practice, no method. No development. Nobody does that what apparently happens here ... belongs to nobody and is for nobody.
Everything that seems to be happening here is not done by anybody, belongs to anybody and is for anybody ... this "happening" here points to notning happening. It is a paradow.

No improvement, no change and nothing to take away. Neither for you nor for your personal story.
It just is not anymore about 'the' You or so called person.
It is the end of That ... just zero !!!
Freedom beyond all understanding ... for, by or through anyone. Just nothing.
That's very rare ... but surprisingly ordinary, simple and beautiful almost unbearably normalToo uncomplicated for the apparent doer.
Life is just uttely simpel ... and not MADE simple. That's illusiory ... a (me) story.

A paradox without "us".

Is that possible?
No! It is already just exactly what is. That's all here. Maybe that's why Natural Reality is so rarely noticed as this absolute simplicity ... so "normal', perfect and complete.
In any case, it is surprisingly groundless, hoprless, harmless and unknowable ... !!! LIFE is an UNKNOWING pardoxicle.
It just seems to be naturally relieving so, just relaxing and nothing more ... thats All here.
Playful ... and nobody plays. That's the wonder - wonderfully wonderfull here, to say so !
Päääng … !!!

There is no answer to Life - or someone who would have or could get it.
Life has always been this ... just so.

The Natur of natur is natural..
100%. Guaranteed bio.

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