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    W e i g h t l e s s
If 'you' seem to be at a loss of all meaning and significations!

🔴 Ashtanga Yoga Loft Leipzig | Karl-Heine-Str. 85a | 04229 Leipzig 🔴
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JUST THIS …THIS -  ALL simultaneity 
This, absolutely this, right now !!! ... is already absolutely perfect and in fact, just as it is natural and completely to 100%. Nothing else exist.
But this simplicity, ordinaryness seems seems to be the problem here at the same time. It is almost a 'wonder' that this natural resonance of life - that is how it can also be described - does not seem to resonate right through to the heart. It's just something obvious - obvious ... and something seems to come in between:
ME, my point of view or MY picture of life.
This ist the illusory bluff of existence we are communicating here about.
An image of reality ... or an attempt to make a copy of it.
It's in its grandiose way a idea and an ingenious toy, THE "CONFUSION" as: This is MY life.
This "twist" is the dilemma on this planet: Natural Reality and an additional apparently separate personal world. Apparently (now) TWO.
This separation, TWO (and more - many), is a really hopeless and superfluous overload for this non-dual human organism ... and now just imagine, this whole dilemma is not even a really happening !!!
Now this is the one rare Resonance space, this mistake together without even demanding a replacement.
“What remains” is totally ordinary, simple, human – just as it is.
Without you, me or us - it's just l

Empty and full at the same time.- STILL.
Neither personal, nor impersonal… and miraculously, just as it is already so.
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